What is the difference between investing in GDIT and NFT GD?


GDIT is a digital token that has all the advantages of a cryptocurrency (speed of transactions, low commissions, security and anonymity), but at the same time it provides the right of the investor to the physical metal.

This innovation sets GDIT apart from other cryptocurrencies.  It gives the holders of our token the opportunity to receive additional income due to the increase in the price of both gold and the asset.

NFT Gold Diamond is an exclusive product of IWI GS.  Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it combines physical investment gold and precious stones with ownership rights to them.

NFT GD is also an investment in the development of gold deposits and new mines.

In addition to financial value, owning NFT GD gives you a number of privileges, such as: access to VIP training, the ability to attend company events in different countries, as well as participation in limited investment offers.

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