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The cryptocurrency market in 2023 expects strict regulation to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. This means that all entry points to digital assets will be more strictly controlled by both the business itself and regulators. For example, in the European Union, it is planned to limit the purchase of digital assets in cash and carefully monitor cryptocurrency transactions. The goals of regulators from all countries, including the USA and the EU, are to create uniformity in the digital sphere, develop a unified approach to regulating cryptocurrencies and create uniform standards for user protection. 

Thus, we can expect the introduction of strict rules and procedures for transactions with cryptocurrencies, including customer identification, transaction tracking and reporting. This may affect the speed and ease of using cryptocurrencies. But ultimately it will help in creating a safer and more secure market, which can lead to a reduction in the risk of fraud and money laundering.

However, strict regulation can also have some disadvantages. For example, it can make cryptocurrency trading more difficult and more expensive. It may also limit innovation in this area, as new and unexpected cryptocurrency applications may not receive the necessary regulation. In general, strict regulation of cryptocurrencies can have both positive and negative consequences.

Another of the highlights of this year is the popularization of Stablecoins in the crypto industry. Since Stables are a more stable form of cryptocurrency that does not depend on market fluctuations, the increase in popularity is likely to lead to more stablecoin projects. Accordingly, a large investment in this area. In addition, regulators will play a key role in determining the future of stablecoins, as they will have to decide how to regulate and control these new forms of digital assets. It is important that regulators find a balance between protecting consumers and promoting innovation in the stablecoin market. In general, the growth of stablecoins and the reaction of regulators will become the defining trend in the crypto industry in 2023.

Here is an example of a successful  new project. The GDIT token appeared in the summer of 2022 and it is 100% backed by gold.

IWI has created a unique precedent – an investment stable. This is another crypto project that is at the Presale stage: thereby it gives investors the opportunity to invest in the extraction and processing of gold, companies. After the end of the Presale, the token will enter the secondary market and will be equal to 1 gram of gold.

IWI’s legal binding in Dubai and Europe brings this project to the forefront in terms of reliability and investment attractiveness.

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