Ways to invest in gold


There are many ways to invest in the most unique metal in the history of mankind – gold, from traditional to innovative, advanced.

Physical bullion and coins, the opening of DMA, ETFs, shares of gold mining companies and futures contracts for gold are considered traditional.

The innovative one is investing in tokenized gold. 
It should be remembered here that there are many crypto projects in which tokens are not directly related to a physical asset, but only to the price of gold.

If your goal is not only to save capital, but also to make a profit, it is important to choose the investment strategy as correctly as possible and carefully study all the conditions and features of trading such assets.

IWI GS offers GDIT backed by 100% real gold. For an investor, this means that when buying our tokens, the right to physical metal is granted in a certain amount by the company, but at the same time it can be traded on the crypto market.

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