Earn up to 4X with NFT!

The limited edition NFT Gold Diamond collection is an innovative product from IWI GS.

The non-fungible GD token combines digital technology with real gemstones, physical investment gold and the ownership right. 

Buying NFTs is an investment in the development of gold deposits and new mines of gold and precious stones.

The collection is represented by 3 types of NFT: bullion, coin and stone worth 500, 5000 and 10000 USDT respectively.

These investments are convenient, reliable  and safe!

Here’s an example:
If you buy NFT GD worth 10,000 USDT, you will receive X4 (40,000 USDT) in a year.  After a year, if you wish, you can exchange NFT for a stone or apply for sale through the market place.  In this case the company buys the stone back at the current price according to Rapaport Diamond Report. The cashed NFT is “burned”.

In addition to financial value, owning our Gold Diamond NFT gives you a number of privileges.


️For holders of large NFT (10 thousand USDT) – a cruise in Dubai, VIP-status at all public and closed events from the company, receiving insider information about closed pools, high-yield investment programs, discounts on jewellery.
Holders of large NFTs who have owned them for more than a year get the opportunity to earn additional income through staking.


️All NFT holders get access to VIP training, the opportunity to attend NFT events in different countries, can participate in limited investment offers and in annual drawings of valuable prizes and company products.

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