Roadmap. GDIT


Roadmap is a detailed plan for the development of the project.

At the start of a new cryptocurrency, a roadmap is created for it, in which processes are prescribed, with exact time intervals for their implementation. 
As the plan is completed, new items may be added to it.

The roadmap of crypto projects of IWI GS is being successfully implemented according to the planned strategy.

Starting from the 2nd quarter of 2022, we have completed the following according to the schedule:

1. Issue of the GDIT token on the Binance protocol;
2. GDIT Token Release and Pre-Sale Start;
3. Launch of a full-scale marketing campaign of the project;
4. GDIT token listing on the platform;
5. GDIT token Airdrop for community members and ambassadors;
6. Enabling the acceptance of crypto and fiat payments to the GDIT token website (integration with payment systems);
7. Start of distribution of GDIT token capitalization to gold mining and jewelry companies. Production Road Map Release;
8. Summing up the GDIT release. The official report of the team. Extended Road Map Release;
9. GDIT token listing on PanCake Swap and additional launch sites;
10. Release of limited jewelry collections. Start working with the NFT direction.

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