An interesting fact: If you make yourself a habit of saving even the minimum amount of 100, 1000 ₽ or 1-10 € every day (here the amount can vary depending on your income), you can get a pretty good “safety cushion” at the end of the year.

After all, we often give this money for a cup of coffee or a cake without regret, without even noticing it in our daily expenses. 

Why do we need to save at all?

One reason to start saving is to not depend on circumstances and to feel secure at all times.

But saving money isn’t just for a rainy day.
The money you save can help you pay off a loan, do something for your self-development (improving your skills or learning a foreign language), or start investing!

In this case you can not only save money but also significantly multiply it. 

IWI GS specialists will help you to grasp the principles of modern investment instruments, to understand how to use them with maximum profit and to choose the one that is best for you, taking into consideration your possibilities and goals.
⚡️The sooner you start investing, the sooner you’ll get the expected result and the more you’ll earn as a result!

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