Why Gold?


Is the market capitalisation of gold a decisive factor when choosing an investment?

Even when one considers the onshore reserves of gold in circulation, the numbers are staggering!

According to the World Gold Council, there are 197.5 tonnes of the metal in circulation.
And the total volume of the gold market is around $11.34 trillion.

Gold is the only commodity that never shows signs of depreciation, even in the era of the most severe financial crises. 

It is an ideal investment instrument both for cautious people, not ready for risks, and for experienced traders. 

A precious metal such as gold offers extensive advantages to investors, but it is not only attractive for capital protection.

For example, a market innovation – tokenised gold backed by real physical metal (GDIT) – can help generate excellent medium- and long-term returns. And blockchain technology allows such tokens to be inherited as well.

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