Gold and real estate


Let’s look at the two most popular “classic” ways to invest and preserve capital: gold and real estate.

What is a better investment for those who do not want to lose or devalue their savings, but rather keep them and even multiply them?


Real estate is traditionally considered a safe investment with low risk since its price tends to grow. In addition, it allows you to receive a regular income from its rent.

However, it is important to understand that renting out real estate is a complex and costly business that requires constant communication with clients, maintaining the apartment in proper condition for living.

In addition, it is not always possible to find a tenant immediately and for a long time, it often takes months during which you will have to pay the utilities bills yourself. There is also the risk that tenants may be unscrupulous payers.
Add to that the property tax and an average of 10% income tax on the rent received. 
This is not a liquid investment. You are unlikely to get your money back quickly if the need arises.


As for gold, it is highly liquid (especially tokenized gold like GDIT).
It is an easy and affordable option to diversify your portfolio.

As centuries of experience show, gold prices only rise in times of crisis, and long-term investors have not lost their money, because gold is the only commodity that never shows signs of depreciation, even in times of the worst financial crises.

What will you choose for yourself?

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