Ecology and cryptocurrency


Concern for the environment, in particular the desire to reduce the carbon footprint, is supported by corporations around the world. Investors have also begun to pay more attention to which coins have the least negative impact on the environment and meet “green” standards.

Cryptocurrencies differ in many ways in their mining algorithm: PoW (Proof-of-Work) and PoS (Proof-of-Stake).

PoW mining is based on the power of the equipment.  The more powerful it is, the more the miner earns.  However, these devices consume an enormous amount of electricity, the generation of which has a negative impact on the environment.

For this reason, Tesla, for example, suspended sales of its cars for Bitcoin in May 2021. 

With PoS, the level of income depends not on the power of the equipment, but on the amount of investment in the cryptocurrency.

Unlike PoW, simple computing devices are sufficient for the PoS algorithm to work. The high speed of the systems and low power consumption make such projects increasingly in demand.

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