Interview with Ray Dalio


In his interview, the world-famous billionaire, investor and author of several bestsellers Ray Dalio admitted that he has a small amount of bitcoins, but he still prefers gold.

According to the founder of Bridgewater Associates, now we are all in a rapidly changing, extremely unstable environment. The most important thing is to organize your investment portfolio in such a way that you feel safe despite rising inflation and rising rates. For himself, he chose assets that work well regardless of the situation – gold!

Ray Dalio admitted that he prefers gold, particularly tokenised gold, because it makes it easy to track owners and transactions, and most importantly, “such an asset is not liked by governments because they can’t control it”.

“I don’t understand why people are more inclined towards bitcoin than gold. If you look internationally: gold is the third largest reserve asset for central banks. First the dollars, then the euro, then gold and the Japanese yen. And central banks are buying gold, not bonds”.

Gold is the best way to feel secure and to protect loved ones from any financial turmoil.

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