What will happen if China decides to lift the ban on crypto assets?


China’s official policy on cryptocurrencies  consists of bans and restrictions. In 2021, mining, cryptocurrency transactions and trading in digital assets were banned.  All this has led to the creation of an underground market.

But very soon, there could be serious changes. Seeing the potential in the blockchain industry, the Hong Kong authorities announced that they intended to become a global hub for cryptocurrencies and exchanges, and promised to facilitate their development.

In addition, it became known that Hong Kong will allow investment in Bitcoin. Without Beijing’s approval, this would be impossible.

So what will happen if China decides to lift the ban on crypto-assets?
It will definitely have a significant impact on the global market – cryptocurrency prices will increase significantly, and digital assets will become even more widespread. 

Obviously, by buying tokens today, we are making a significant contribution to our success and prosperity in the future.

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