Why Crypto?


IWI GS operates seven gold deposits in Africa, Asia and South America. We have been successfully mining and investing in this precious metal for many years.

But the world is changing and we have to be prepared to adapt to new opportunities. With the development of technology, cryptocurrencies have emerged, which represent an important step forward in the financial sector and have enormous potential as a means of exchanging and storing value.

Realizing that many people only trust and recognize the value of gold as a long-term investment asset, we came to the conclusion that a combination of gold and cryptocurrency could offer the best opportunity for investors by combining the advantages of both assets.

Thus an innovative project, the GDIT token, was born, which allows us to create a stable cryptocurrency backed by real gold reserves. In this way, we combine the attractiveness of cryptocurrency, such as liquidity and ease of use, with the long-term stability and reliability of physical metal.

Our experience in mining and investing in gold gives us a unique advantage in this new area. We already have an existing infrastructure for mining and storing gold, and are ready to use this experience and expertise to provide a high level of support and reliability for gold-backed cryptocurrency.

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