Investing in diamonds


We undeservedly rarely hear about investments in diamonds. But such an investment can be very attractive.

Diamonds are rare and precious natural resources. Due to their limited supply and demand, these stones can maintain and even increase their value over time. They are suitable for investors who are looking for stable assets to preserve their capital. At the same time, diamonds are relatively compact and easily portable, which makes them easy to store and transfer.

Diamonds can serve as a good protection  against inflation. Unlike national currencies, which can lose their purchasing power over time, diamonds have intrinsic value and can retain their value in the face of rising prices of goods and services.

Investing in diamonds can be one of the most profitable ways to diversify an investment portfolio.

For the convenience of investing in gemstones, IWI GS has launched a process to create new digital products: a token backed by real diamonds and the NFT ‘Diamond Plus’ collection.

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