Crypto Valley


The choice of Dubai as the headquarters location for IWI GS was not accidental.

Dubai is a strategic location situated at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa, with a state policy focused on supporting entrepreneurship and attracting foreign investments. It has a well-developed financial system with numerous banks and specialized institutions, providing easy access to services such as payment processing, asset management, and other essential financial operations related to cryptocurrency.

The authorities in Dubai actively support innovation and technological startups. Special zones have already been established, such as Dubai Internet City and Dubai Silicon Oasis, which offer incentives for companies operating in the information technology and cryptocurrency fields.

Furthermore, the opening of a new free zone, Crypto Valley, is expected in DMCC. It will provide a range of services and advantages for blockchain companies, including access to financing, mentorship, and networking opportunities. It is anticipated that this will create a thriving ecosystem of blockchain-based enterprises, stimulate innovation and growth in the industry, and further enhance the reputation of the UAE as a center for innovation and entrepreneurship.

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