On July 24th, the company Worldcoin announced the final stage of launching its token, WLD. Several major cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Binance, Bybit, and OKX, have supported the listing of the new coin, enabling it to quickly gain traction and become available to a wide range of users.

The main product of the Worldcoin project is the innovative World ID protocol, built on advanced zero-knowledge proof technologies. It is a mobile tool that allows people to undergo identification by scanning their retinas or using their phone numbers.

After biometric identification, users receive 25 WLD tokens (approximately $55).

The use of biometrics was initially met with skepticism by the community, but the company assured that it employs artificial intelligence to generate unique codes, ensuring compliance with local regulations in every market where scanning devices are deployed.

According to the company’s roadmap, the verification service will be available in 35 cities, and the application is already accessible in 120 countries.

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