Non-custodial wallets


Non-custodial wallets, also known as “decentralised” wallets, are an innovative way to store cryptocurrency.

What makes these wallets unique?

They allow users to have full control over their cryptocurrency assets, as the private keys remain with them. This means that third parties such as exchanges or platforms do not have access to your funds, and you are not dependent on their security. This is important given the instances of hacking and cyberattacks that centralised services can be vulnerable to.

A few of the most popular wallets are worth highlighting:

MetaMask, launched in 2016, has become the most popular cryptocurrency wallet with over 22.66 million installations worldwide. It is so widely used that its name has become synonymous with the word “cryptocurrency wallet.”

Right behind MetaMask are Coinbase Wallet (11 million installations), Trust Wallet (10.4 million installations) and Wallet (10 million installations).

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