The results of the THIRD drawing


The results of the THIRD drawing of one of the 4 gold bars and 6 out of 24 GDIT tokens among our channel subscribers have been announced!
Congratulations to our winners:


1-gram gold bar – Alexey


2 GDIT tokens – Maxim


2 GDIT tokens – Elena


2 GDIT tokens – Gec


Reminder that there is only one drawing left in September, which will take place on September 29th at 6:00 PM.


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Ahead of you are 2 more DRAWINGS of one of the four gold bars and 6 GDIT tokens among the channel subscribers – on September 22nd and 29th. The winners will be randomly selected by the Telegram bot RandomGod.
The drawing will take place online at 6:00 PM MSK, don’t miss it!!

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