More and more companies worldwide, including in Russia, are announcing digital assets in the form of NFTs tied to real estate value.

Compared to traditional property acquisition, “digital meters” have a more accessible entry point, using blockchain-based smart contracts to divide real estate into smaller shares.

The key lies in profitability and risks—how much will prices rise by the time the property is operational?

Unlike real estate, susceptible to market changes, gold and precious stones typically retain their value. Such an NFT can represent a unique combination of digital and physical assets, attracting investors with reliability and growth potential.

Gold and diamonds are seen as a “safe haven” during economic instability, providing NFTs linked to them with portfolio diversification and inflation protection.

With the trend of digital transformation, NFTs backed by precious stones and metals appeal to collectors and investors bridging traditional values with innovative digital assets.

IWI GS is a leader in the “gold token” market, ensuring up to 4x returns depending on the specific NFT’s utility.

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