The NFT sphere has long gone beyond simple collecting or entertainment. This field is becoming limitless, and startups are finding more and more diverse features that will be useful to users.
    At the moment, almost all areas of our lives have included various types of NFTs: painting, music, gaming industry, real estate, brands have been releasing their NFTs for a long time, membership in various communities, services… We have listed only a small part, but the areas where NFTs are already used much more.
    What is the difference between IWI GS NFT and others?
    Main differences:
– each NFT is backed by real gold and high quality diamonds;
– hedging, or protection of assets invested in NFTs. In other words, this is a reliable way to save and convert your funds during a difficult economic period.
– the utility of each NFT specifies the owner’s privileges – from the opportunity to participate in quick investment programs to privileges at company events.
– in addition, purchasing an NFT from IWI GS is a secure way to convert your funds
    Interesting fact. In the history of the market, crypto winter 2022 is the third. The first occurred in the period from December 2013 to January 2015 – 427 days with a drawdown in Bitcoin of 86.5%. The second – from December 2017 to December next year, with a drawdown of 83.2% and a duration of 395 days.
     During the 2022 crypto winter, NFT projects built on speculation disappeared. Reliable, well-designed, community-driven projects continue to live and thrive.

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