Why are NFTs from IWI GS profitable?


In times of economic downturn and instability, preserving existing capital is crucial. IWI GS leverages innovative technologies to make investments in reliable assets like gold and precious stones both convenient and secure. Our unique tool combines blockchain advantages with high-quality diamonds and gold.

Investing in NFTs from IWI Global Service offers a distinct opportunity to combine investments in precious stones and gold with a digital asset that has potential value appreciation, providing access to privileges and opportunities offered by our company.

For instance, purchasing an NFT tied to a real investment stone in a smart contract increases your profit by up to 4X. Funds invested in NFTs partially contribute to developing new deposits of precious stones and gold mines. After one year, the diamond linked to an NFT undergoes mandatory cutting and GIA certification funded by the company, becoming insurance for the NFT with increased profits for the owner. The stone’s price and characteristics can always be verified using the international Rapaport valuation table.

Owning a Gold Diamond NFT grants access to VIP education, event attendance in different countries, and participation in exclusive investment offers, keeping you informed about the latest trends and providing additional growth opportunities for your investment potential.

Moreover, you have the chance to participate in annual draws for valuable prizes and company products.

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