Franklin Templeton has made a bet on cryptocurrency


Franklin Templeton, an investment giant with a turnover of $1.4 trillion, first began exploring blockchain technology back in 2019. His name has become one of the most well-known in the realm of traditional finance (TradFi) that has embraced tokenization.

Despite the regulatory uncertainty surrounding the crypto industry in the USA, Franklin Templeton decided to utilize public blockchains, particularly Ethereum, unlike other TradFi giants such as JPMorgan and Citi, which have created their own private blockchains for their projects.

The company’s use of cryptocurrency extends far beyond the launch of Franklin’s Bitcoin ETF (EZBC). Templeton actively engages with blockchain technology, advancing the idea of digitizing various asset classes, offering a more flexible and transparent trading environment.

Being essentially a pioneer in tokenization and thus recognizing the growing influence and longevity of cryptocurrencies, Franklin Templeton continues to successfully adapt within the digital financial ecosystem.

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