Central banks are buying huge amounts of gold


In 2023, central banks bought a massive amount of gold – more than 1,000 tons! Among the major buyers were Turkey, Uzbekistan, Qatar, and India, but the World Gold Council (WGC) stated that a significant amount of gold was purchased by countries that remained incognito.

This year, banks worldwide continued actively acquiring gold, causing new ripples in financial markets. This trend reflects countries’ efforts to ensure their financial stability and shield themselves from potential risks in global markets. It also mirrors the evolution of the global economic system and countries’ pursuit of new forms of financial security.

However, the main reason lies in gold’s popularity as a traditional means of savings, a safe and coveted reserve asset at times when some countries face financial sanctions, and when financial investments are potentially subject to asset freezing and confiscation. Thus, gold investments serve as a kind of insurance policy for a country’s economy.

Furthermore, combining blockchain technology with gold has now made it possible to launch a digital currency that can compete with the dollar. Blockchain enables gold transactions without physically redirecting coins or bars.

Gold is the only significant asset for which this assumption holds true.

It’s the only currency not controlled by any other country and the only one that cannot be counterfeited.

It’s also the only asset that largely guarantees financial confidentiality.

IWI GS offers its clients and partners to be part of this global trend. The unique GDIT token, backed by 100% physical precious metal, is not only a reliable and stable asset in your investment portfolio but also a high-yielding instrument capable of ensuring financial stability and confidence in the future.

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