Interesting viewpoint: Cryptocurrency could put an end to wars.


Max Keiser, chief cryptocurrency consultant and chairman of Volcany Energy, along with Graham Ellwood, host of Orange Pill, explored the intricate relationships between traditional fiat currencies, conflicts, and the potential of cryptocurrency to foster global harmony.

Keiser and Ellwood carefully examined the role of fiat currency as a catalyst for perpetuating global conflicts. They argue that fiat currencies fuel wars by sustaining economies that become targets for other nations. They suggest that replacing traditional currency with crypto could diminish incentives for many countries to engage in war.

Moreover, unlike conventional money subject to government intervention and inflation, the decentralized nature of digital assets and cryptographic protection provide a reliable shield for national economies.

Central banks’ vested interest is also apparent. A critical aspect of bank operations, especially during wartime, is issuing debt obligations, significantly boosting their revenues. If Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies supplant traditional currencies, these banks would lose the incentive to extend loans.

This nexus between war, fiat currency, and debt underpins Keiser and Ellwood’s advocacy of cryptocurrency as a genuine means of global peace reinforcement. Decentralized currencies without nationality, impervious to government interference and central bank policy, are the cornerstone of our future.

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