The London police owns bitcoins worth approximately $4 billion


Interesting fact: According to the crypto-analytics company Arkham Intelligence, the London Metropolitan Police owns bitcoins (BTC) worth more than $3.88 billion, as a result of a major confiscation in 2018.

Arkham reported that in 2018, law enforcement agencies in the UK confiscated 61,000 BTC from individuals Jiang Wenhao and Jiang Jimin, whose current value exceeds $4.2 billion. Access to them is currently closed.

It is reported that Jiang used funds obtained from fraud committed in China between 2014 and 2017 to acquire Bitcoins.

Jiang Wenhao recently appeared in court in the UK on charges of money laundering amounting to $6.5 billion. Over 100,000 Chinese citizens were affected by his actions. Prosecutors allege that Jiang converted bitcoins into cash and assets.

Thus, against the backdrop of discussions on the need for regulation and oversight of the use of cryptocurrencies in government agencies, the London police have officially become a bitcoin whale – a leading player in the market whose actions and decisions can have a significant impact on cryptocurrency prices and trends.

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