In the world of business and finance, audit plays a crucial role in ensuring transparency and trust in a company. Essentially, it involves an independent assessment of financial statements to verify their accuracy and compliance with standards. This is particularly important for investment and cryptocurrency companies given the high risk and volatility in these sectors.

Audits can be conducted by internal or external auditors. Internal audits focus on evaluating a company’s internal processes and control systems, while external audits assess financial statements from the perspective of external users such as investors, creditors, or government agencies.

Why is this important? Audits not only help identify potential errors but also contribute to building trust in the company among its stakeholders. This is especially crucial in today’s world where transparency and reliability play a key role in investment and business decisions.

We’d like to announce that IWI GS is currently undergoing an audit conducted by one of the leading firms in the field, CDA Accounting Services LLC. Over the next two months, specialists will conduct a thorough analysis of our financial statements, risk management strategies, and compliance with regulatory standards. This process will not only help us identify potential areas for improvement but also reaffirm our commitment to quality work and transparent practices.

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