With the rapid growth of interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, the DeFi sector is becoming the focus of attention for both investors and innovators. But what makes it so sought after, especially during bull runs, and why are projects combining decentralized finance with traditional business models so important?

During bull runs, when the cryptocurrency market is on the rise, people seek new ways to increase their capital. DeFi offers innovative solutions such as liquidity, lending, trading, and staking, which attract investor attention.

DeFi provides access to financial services that were previously unavailable to many. This includes instant international payments, access to loans without involving banks, and the ability to earn on financial instruments through decentralized platforms.

Furthermore, some projects in the DeFi sector combine the best aspects of decentralized finance with classical business models. They offer unique products and services that appeal to both cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traditional investors who trust the stability of traditional business approaches.

DeFi is not just the next stage in the evolution of the financial system, but also a source of unlimited opportunities for innovators and entrepreneurs. Keep an eye on new projects in this area – they can change the game in the financial technology market! πŸ’ΌπŸš€

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