Worldcoin will allow users to erase their biometric data


Worldcoin (WLD) – a pioneer in iris scanning identification system, allowing to distinguish between humans and bots on the internet, gives its users more control over their personal data.

Users now have the option to permanently delete their digital iris code, enabling them to “declassify” their World ID.

Upon request for deletion, the World ID will become invalid, followed by a six-month “cooling-off” period to prevent immediate re-verification and protect against potential fraud. After this period, the iris code will be permanently deleted.

This update is the result of collaboration between Worldcoin and third-party privacy and security experts, based on initial assessments from data protection authorities such as BayLDA (the main regulatory body in the European Union).

In addition to facilitating the removal of biometric data, the project implements an on-site age verification process to ensure that only individuals over 18 can join the Worldcoin network. This verification will be carried out by third-party personnel and will not involve the storage, recording, or transmission of any personal information.

This approach supports crypto companies’ unwavering commitment to ensuring user privacy.

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