UAE – A Global Hub for Artificial Intelligence


The UAE’s desire to become the world’s capital of artificial intelligence emerged in 2017 when the Emirates appointed the world’s first minister responsible for AI, with the aim of making the country a global center by 2031.

Additionally, 22 key officials were recently appointed to the Dubai government to support this goal.

According to investment bank UBS, the region’s digital economy will grow by 20% annually and reach $780 billion by 2030.

The UAE has seen a sharp increase in foreign direct investment in the AI software sector. Since the beginning of 2022, the region has attracted 580 projects!

For example, Microsoft recently announced a $1.5 billion investment in G42, the UAE’s leading company in the AI sector.

In September 2021, the Emirates launched the AI Falcon model, recognized as the world’s best open-source model, surpassing those of Meta and Google.

To strengthen its global position, the UAE continues to make significant investments in this sector, which is crucial for achieving the country’s economic and technological ambitions.

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