The Future of Finance: Stablecoins Will Account for 10% of Global Finance in 10 Years!


🌐 Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire made an ambitious statement: in 10 years, stablecoins will account for 10% of global finance. This forecast highlights how the revolution in payment systems and the advantages of public blockchains can transform the global financial landscape.

🔍 Why is this important?
1. Accessibility: Stablecoins can reach people beyond the banking sector, providing financial services to those who previously lacked access.
2. Lower Fees: Reduced fees for money transfers will facilitate financial operations for both businesses and individuals.
3. Cross-Border Trade: Stablecoins simplify and reduce the cost of international transactions, stimulating global trade.

📈 What can we expect?
Allaire expects that by 2025, stablecoins will significantly increase their share in the global electronic money market, which is valued at $100 trillion.

🔮 We are on the verge of significant changes in the financial world. Stablecoins not only offer an alternative to traditional financial systems but also open new opportunities for millions of people around the world!

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