• The AVANTI Association carries out systematic work aimed at creating effective mechanisms for interaction of small and medium-sized businesses with public authorities. They have been conducting a constructive dialogue with all political and social forces for the sake of implementing the idea of “business patriotism” in Russia for 8 years.  January 30, 2023 in the […]

  •    Throughout the week, our team, led by cryptocurrency expert Dmitry Zamolotsky, actively holds meetings in Cyprus and conducts business training based on IWI GS.   A unique product – hybrid tokens backed by physical gold and diamonds – is a tool that provides a stable income.    The result of each such working meeting is […]

  • Congress Prosperity is always an atmosphere of celebration, bright events, success and unforgettable impressions! This is a unique chance to meet new people and gain knowledge in the field of cryptocurrencies, business and marketing! IWI GS is a permanent partner of Congress Prosperity and we are pleased to invite you to the events that will […]

  • Our expert on cryptocurrency assets Dmitry Zamolotsky shared his impressions about the grandiose Congress Prosrerity event in Turkey. Friends, we highly recommend attending events of this type if your goal is to develop your business! Pumping skills, new knowledge, communication and partnership and an atmosphere that is literally charged with success! Link to YouTube channel: 

  • A tandem of world-famous business coaches – Michael Bank and his wife Asya – after the training at the Prosperity Congress in Belek, Turkey, gave an interview to our expert on cryptocurrency assets Dmitry Zamolotsky. A huge amount of knowledge that will be useful to each of us is Michael’s investment. Our task is to […]

  • A solemn congratulation of our 10,000th partner took place in the office of IWI GS in Pyatigorsk! From the management of the company he was given a GIFT – a gold bar!!! Register and start building your successful future with us today!

  • On November 24, a meeting was held at the IWI GS office in Pyatigorsk with new clients and future partners invited by the top leader of the company, Lyudmila Sokolova. Training, marketing analysis, business strategy planning were provided.

  • We publish a link to the annual international Congress Prosperity in Turkey. Participants and leaders of the blockchain industry from all over the world gathered here to share their experience and knowledge in the field of crypto investment.  IWI GS speakers presented our unique products – GDIT token and NFT, backed by a real physical […]

  • At the Congress Prosperity event, which ended yesterday, representatives of the IWI GS team received awards as specialists in various fields of crypto business. Our  guys are the best experts in the field of training, sales and advertising of cryptocurrencies!

  • We bring to your attention the speech of our speaker Dmitry Zamolotsky, an expert on the cryptocurrency market at Congress Prosperity.  You will learn: – Why gold is an indispensable investment asset in our time.  – What is the innovative project offered by IWI GS?  –  What is the uniqueness of our hybrid NFT and […]

  • We are glad to welcome you from Antalya (Turkey), where the annual international Congress Prosperity started. Participants and leaders of the blockchain industry from all over the world gathered here to share their experience and knowledge in the field of crypto investment. IWI GS speakers will present our unique products – GDIT token and NFT, […]

  • Dominique K.Sumaili, GGDI’s financial adviser and attache, had a private meeting with the President of South Africa and members of his family. The meeting agreed on wholesale supplies of gold and precious stones, as well as the opening of a new trading platform for their sale. The launch of the project is scheduled for March […]

  • An important event was held in Belek (Turkey) for representatives of business circles from different countries, organized by ALIVIP. During the negotiations, representatives of IWI GS concluded agreements and signed contracts with major investors from Dagestan, Chechnya, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. In addition, we have received business  proposals for collaborations at various venues.

  • Negotiations are taking place today in Belek, Turkey with the leaders of Kazakhstan.

  • Today we are in Turkey, where an amazing, bright, and most importantly productive UNIQ Forum Just to be is taking place right now, where specialists and experts from various fields have gathered.

  • On October 16, a business dinner was held in one of the most prestigious restaurants in Dubai, where GGDI’s partnership and joint business development with representatives from India were discussed. Dr. Said Cheyenne is a successful leader with extensive experience in the gold and digital assets market.

  • Depending on the geological conditions, different methods of gold mining are used at different gold mines. Sometimes it’s purely technical, and sometimes it’s hard human labor. At the moment, negotiations are underway on the purchase of a stake and the introduction of innovative engineering technology of a new site in the Congo. Representatives of GGDI, […]

  • A traditional meeting with our partners and leaders was held at the IWI Global Service office in Pyatigorsk. During the meeting, we discussed business issues, mutual cooperation, upcoming events, as well as new unique opportunities for investing in gold using our GDIT token. We look forward to new meetings!


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