• On May 17th, in Antalya, Turkey, the International Investment and Technology Congress Legat Business Congress took place, where IWI GS company participated as invited guests. This unique event annually brings together the most talented and successful investors from nearly 20 countries, individuals whose companies and projects are shaping our future! An important element of the […]

  • On 7 May, part of the IWI GS team successfully trained at the SYNERGY Traffic & Marketing Summit, which brought together around 150 entrepreneurs and 11 top marketing experts from around the world! This year, it was held at Hotel AKRA in Antalya, Turkey.

  • Yesterday, on 24.04.2023 representatives of IWI GS took part in closed forum “MY BUSINESS” which was held in conference-hall “Ballroom” of The Carlton Hotel, Moscow. The forum was held for partners and residents of the AVANTI business club. It was attended by more than 150 successful Russian entrepreneurs, representatives of small, medium and large businesses. […]

  • The African International Congress was held on April 5-6 in the National Hotel in Moscow. It was attended by representatives of political elite, diplomats, leaders of business communities of African and Eurasian countries. At the end of the event a package of agreements and arrangements in trade, economic and humanitarian spheres was signed. Representatives of […]

  • On 8-9 April 2023, IWI GS will participate as guests of honour at Forum Business Connect in Antalya, Turkey. The event is attended by both business owners and representatives of manufacturing companies. As Turkey’s geopolitical advantages are favorable for business development and expansion of trade relations, the aim of the Forum is to establish business […]

  • Representatives of IWI GS took part in the forum “Middle East – Russia 2023”, which was held in Moscow. The event was organized by the Association “Business of the Islamic world”.  During the forum were touched upon urgent issues on export and import to Russia in the conditions of economic and political sanctions, as well […]

  • On March 8 and 9, a conference was held on the basis of the largest Crypto Expo in Dubai, where leading industry experts, investors and leaders of the cryptocurrency industry were able to communicate and discover new business opportunities. The best cryptocurrency companies for trading and investing were presented. Representatives of IWI Global Service were […]

  • The 10th International Forum on Blockchain, Digital Assets and Mining Blockchain Life 2023, which this year was held at the most luxurious business venue in Dubai, is over. Since 2017, the Forum has been among the top 3 global events in the digital asset industry, attracting more than 5,000 participants each year. The event was […]

  • The second day of the International Forum Blockchain Life 2023 began with the premiere of a special film: “Decentralised in spite of everything”. It was presented to a global crypto audience for the first time! The film reveals the essence of DAO (autonomous system in blockchain, controlled by software code and independent of human error), and […]

  • Right now, the 10th International Forum on Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Mining Blockchain Life 2023 is taking place in the center of the world – in the most luxurious conference center in Dubai, Atlantis The Palm. The legendary crypto forum is attended by more than 4,000 industry professionals from 100 countries, including representatives of IWI GS.  […]

  • A meeting with our potential partners took place in the office of IWI GS in Pyatigorsk. Yuri Terentiev, Director of Development of the company in Russia, conducted training and presentation of our investment instruments.

  • The AVANTI Association carries out systematic work aimed at creating effective mechanisms for interaction of small and medium-sized businesses with public authorities. They have been conducting a constructive dialogue with all political and social forces for the sake of implementing the idea of “business patriotism” in Russia for 8 years.  January 30, 2023 in the […]

  •    Throughout the week, our team, led by cryptocurrency expert Dmitry Zamolotsky, actively holds meetings in Cyprus and conducts business training based on IWI GS.   A unique product – hybrid tokens backed by physical gold and diamonds – is a tool that provides a stable income.    The result of each such working meeting is […]

  • Congress Prosperity is always an atmosphere of celebration, bright events, success and unforgettable impressions! This is a unique chance to meet new people and gain knowledge in the field of cryptocurrencies, business and marketing! IWI GS is a permanent partner of Congress Prosperity and we are pleased to invite you to the events that will […]

  • Our expert on cryptocurrency assets Dmitry Zamolotsky shared his impressions about the grandiose Congress Prosrerity event in Turkey. Friends, we highly recommend attending events of this type if your goal is to develop your business! Pumping skills, new knowledge, communication and partnership and an atmosphere that is literally charged with success! Link to YouTube channel: 

  • A tandem of world-famous business coaches – Michael Bank and his wife Asya – after the training at the Prosperity Congress in Belek, Turkey, gave an interview to our expert on cryptocurrency assets Dmitry Zamolotsky. A huge amount of knowledge that will be useful to each of us is Michael’s investment. Our task is to […]

  • A solemn congratulation of our 10,000th partner took place in the office of IWI GS in Pyatigorsk! From the management of the company he was given a GIFT – a gold bar!!! Register and start building your successful future with us today!

  • On November 24, a meeting was held at the IWI GS office in Pyatigorsk with new clients and future partners invited by the top leader of the company, Lyudmila Sokolova. Training, marketing analysis, business strategy planning were provided.


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