• On April 15-16 in Dubai, UAE, the most anticipated event of the year is taking place – BLOCKCHAIN LIFE 2024. At the 12th International Forum on Web3, Cryptocurrencies, and Mining, there are around 8000 participants from over 120 countries! 🏆BLOCKCHAIN LIFE is a unique opportunity to receive advice from global industry leaders, learn about asset […]

  • Legendary, because for the 11th time, fund managers, government representatives, investors, businessmen and startups will meet here to discuss the trends of the upcoming bull run, conclude back-room deals and learn market insights from each other. The other day a very powerful lineup of speakers was announced, which we share with you: H.E. Justin Sun […]

  • From September 18th to 19th, the VIII Caspian Media Forum took place in Astrakhan, which was opened by a meeting of the heads of delegations from Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, and Belarus. The Caspian Media Forum has been granted the status of a federal event. The event was organized by the government of the Astrakhan […]

  • In 2023, it was held for the eighth time. During these days, Russian and foreign politicians, businessmen, and journalists from 50 countries visited Russky Island. Russian President Vladimir Putin, during the plenary session, once again called on foreign partners to invest in Russia and the Russian Far East. This signal garnered significant interest, with investors […]

  • Dear clients and partners! We would like to remind you of the events awaiting you this autumn! Exciting happenings, openings, and achievements with IWI GS company!We invite you to join the events organized by our company both independently and in partnership with major business corporations. September 22 – Congress Prosperity in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) September 28 – Congress Prosperity […]

  • During the 2nd Russia-Africa Summit, we had a friendly meeting with the representative of Alliance Group LLC, Auguste Ludovic Aimonche. Practical proposals were discussed aimed at giving an additional impetus to Russian-African cooperation in various fields, as well as the implementation of new technologies in diamond and gold mining, and the recruitment and training of […]

  • On September 22nd, an event dedicated to investments and personal growth will take place in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, for entrepreneurs and business professionals. Unforgettable training sessions and speeches by world-renowned speakers await you, along with captivating interactive activities that will fully immerse participants in the rhythm of success. Michael Bang, Sergey Teplykh, Gulnaz Khalimova, Anton Lirnik, […]

  • The two-day Russia-Africa Summit took place on July 27th and 28th, 2023, in St. Petersburg. This grand event was attended by country leaders, political elites, and representatives from the business communities of African countries and Russia. Representatives from IWI Global Service were also invited as guests. The summit addressed trade and economic relations as well […]

  • Dear clients and partners of IWI Global Service! Autumn 2023 promises to be filled with events, openings, and accomplishments! We invite you to the events organized by our company in partnership with the largest business events corporation, “Prosperity.” September 22 – Congress Prosperity in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. September 28 – Congress Prosperity in Almaty, Kazakhstan. September […]

  • On September 22, Prosperiry Corporation will host an event for entrepreneurs and business people in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) dedicated to investment and personal growth.Unforgettable trainings and performances by world-famous speakers are waiting for you, the most interesting interactive activities that “turn on” the participants to the rhythm of success at full power.Michael Bang, Sergey Teplykh, Gulnaz […]

  • Dear clients and partners of IWI Global Service!We invite you to take part in a grand partnership event, which will be held on September 28 in Almaty.The international corporation Prosperity is the organization of events of the highest level for business people and entrepreneurs.World-famous speakers and coaches share their knowledge in the fields of entrepreneurship, […]

  • As part of the Congerss Prosperity event, on September 29, for the first time in Almaty (Kazakhstan), an exclusive training from Michael Bang will take place! A cult figure in the Western business community of recent decades, the author of training programs on team building, the art of public speaking, negotiations and the skill of […]

  • Representatives of IWI Global Service company held working meetings with investors and owners of real estate agencies, discussing proposal packages for diversifying funds into various directions. The working group reached mutually beneficial decisions regarding the implementation of these proposals.

  • On July 5th, in Abu Dhabi, the IWI GS teams conducted negotiations with representatives from Latin America. Top leaders from Colombia were present, representing the interests of Latin American communities in working with gold digital assets. We would like to thank our new partners for their valuable recommendations on the development of a new product, […]

  • Productive work, an atmosphere of success among like-minded individuals, company news, and lively communication await you! Here’s what awaits you: The event will take place on July 8th, 2023, starting at 10:00, at the following address: Turkey, Alanya/Antalya, 4 Charshi Street, Cosmopolitan Restaurant *** *Purchase a ticket for the Business Training and participate in the […]

  • July 4th at 9:00 PM: Online conference on Zoom.Topic: “Starting with IWI Company, Career Growth, and Fast Results” (webinar for beginners). Speakers: Natella Kuznetsova, Svetlana Ivanova. July 5th at 10:00 AM: Online conference on Zoom.Topic: How to Start Your Own Business? Effective Sales and Potential Monthly Income from Partnership with IWI (webinar for beginners). Speaker: […]

  • In partnership with the BRIA diamond processing factory, our company is preparing to open another showroom in Dubai.There, we will showcase a new jewelry collection designed by the top designers of the Spanish Jewelry House, using stones mined in Congo. This will be our unique offering exclusively for the Dubai market.

  • During the negotiations, a plan for the implementation and digitization of a diamond deposit with the potential to extract approximately 100,000 carats was presented. We provided Mr. Roy with a digitization scheme and a tokenomics calculation for this mining claim, which were received with great interest. The parties discussed mutual interests in the development of […]


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