Internet technologies

IWI GS company offers a unique investment tool with which you can easily make a profit from online gold trading – tokens backed by real gold!

Why Crypto-gold?
• Low entry threshold;
• Low commissions;
• Liquidity;
• The possibility of easy deviding into parts, unlike physical metal;
• High profitability;
• Reliable protection of your capital from volatility and loss of value.

Blockchain technology allows you to trade assets 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – flexibility that was not available in the past!

When gold is tokenized, real assets stored on the blockchain are digitized. The token receives the value of the real product in the corresponding share – 1 token : 1 euro Crypto-gold allows you to eliminate the inconveniences associated with logistics and storage, typical for investment coins and bullion.

The combination of innovative technologies and one of the oldest currencies in the world allows you not only to save your savings, but also to profit from effective and reliable investments.

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